Selected Works

Fiction & Non-Fiction

  • The Ionia Commute. Short Story. 2011.
  • Piles of Trash on the Savanna. Short Story. 2011.
  • The Tea House of War. Short Story. Appeared in Porter Gulch Review, 2012.
  • Vegetable Rights! Satirical Flyer. Appeared in Porter Gulch Review, 2012.
  • Casting A Wide Net: Simulated Fishing Along the Coast of Central California (With N. Beckett, R. Kelley, and D. McKenzie). Scholarly. Appeared in SCA Proceedings, Volume 28, 2014.
  • Her Own Comrade. Short Story. 2015.
  • A Compatible Love. Short Story. 2015.
  • The Promise of Splendor. Short Story. 2015.
  • Her Friend the Prairie. Short Story. 2015.
  • The Worker’s Voyage. Novella. 2015.
  • Book Review: [Wittgenstein’s] Remarks on Frazer’s Golden Bough. Critical Essay. Appeared in Anthropology Undergraduate Monthly, UC Berkeley, October, 2016.
  • The Tuuli Function. Novelette. 2017.
  • Grammarian Blues. Short Story. 2018.
  • A Mouse in the Coffee Cup. Poem. 2018.
  • Café Solipsism. Poem. 2019
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