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  • LaMDA is not sentient

    You might have read news stories about a Google engineer who recently claimed that an AI language model (LaMDA) is sentient. As many people have pointed out, LaMDA is definitely not sentient. They are correct. I also happen to think that the socio-cultural phenomenon of news articles about whether or not some certain AI is […]

  • Literature in Wittgenstein’s Language §8

    I was privileged enough to have the opportunity to take the late Barry Stroud’s final Later Wittgenstein course for undergraduates at Berkeley, back in 2017. In addition to inspiring many more traditional philosophical writings, it also inspired this slightly more unusual piece (which I didn’t hand in…though perhaps I should have!). Enjoy!

  • Do you ever wonder how English got the “han/hanen” pronoun?

    There was once a time when children in English-speaking countries were assigned one of two pronoun pairs at birth. Nowadays, most people probably don’t even remember what those were. While it’s easy to imagine that we always used the “han/hanen” pronoun pair, in fact, these words only came into use after centuries of a problematic […]