* This ranking is for the year 2020. See the newest, 2021, ranking here: https://snmcgannon.com/2021/10/28/ranking-of-universities-in-the-state-of-jefferson-2021/

The proposed flag for the proposed Southern Oregon – Northern California hybrid state Jefferson.

This is a ranking of universities in the U.S. proposed-state the State of Jefferson for the year 2020-2021. 

A brief explanation about what constitutes the “State of Jefferson”. The State of Jefferson is a proposed U.S. state that includes northern and central portions of the U.S. state of California and southern portions of the U.S. state of Oregon. If you really want to read about how its proposition came about, Wikipedia is willing to let you do so. I’ll just say the “movement” goes back to 1941, the proposed capital is Yreka, CA… and the state would include 5 universities, as far as I can tell. Drawing the state boundaries is tricky because Jefferson isn’t a state, and people have changed their minds over time about what exactly is or isn’t or should or shouldn’t be included. I took the broadest interpretation of the boundaries which — [again,] so far as I can tell — stretch up as far north as Douglas county in Oregon and down as far south as El Dorado in California (according to this map). Then, I looked for universities in these counties and came up with 5 legitimate universities. There were some other question marks. There are also, of course, many community colleges in Jefferson, but this is a university ranking, and thus, those were excluded. If I have missed a university in this region please let me know and I will update the list once I determine its placement (email: tuulifunctional@snmcgannon.com).

The ranking was created primarily by referencing the ranking placements of every (identified) university in Jefferson ranked by USNWR ranking Regional Universities West. Additionally, due to the anomalous situation with Oregon Tech, two other rankings were used: USNWR’s Regional Colleges West, and THE’s ranking of universities in the U.S. The situation is as follows: Oregon Tech is classified as a college by USNWR, and thus ranked on their college ranking and not their university ranking. This makes its placement incomparable to those universities ranked by USNWR’s university ranking. So, to situate it with respect to the other universities, I referenced THE’s ranking of universities in the U.S. THE ranks Oregon Tech as tied with Humboldt State (both below Chico State). THE does not rank either SOU or Simpson. However, THE did rank SOU in 2019 — and its ranking then (>800th) is lower than Oregon Tech’s now (501 – 600). This information — combined with SOU’s absence from THE’s 2021 list — has led me to make the judgement that the ranking for Oregon Tech should follow Humboldt State’s on THE. However, there is no ranking to break the tie between Humboldt State and Oregon Tech — both place well on their respective USNWR rankings, and tie each other on THE. So, this explains their placement on my Jefferson ranking.

The overall results were tabled, and are shown below (Table 1.). The leftmost column shows the final rank, the “institution” column shows the institution ranked, and the next three rightward columns show the rank for each given institution in each selected ranking. Note that here ‘NA’ means “not applicable” and ‘NR’ means “not ranked”.

If you should find anything to be in error, please contact me at tuulifunctional@snmcgannon.com.

RankInstitutionUSNWR (Regional Universities West)USNWR (Regional Colleges West)THE (U.S.)
1California State University, Chico26NA336
2=Humboldt State University37NA=501
2=Oregon Institute of TechnologyNA5=501
4Southern Oregon University75NANR
5Simpson University92NANR
Table 1.

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The header image in this article is — to the best of my knowledge — in the public domain.

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